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Biztalk Development

Biztalk Development

Primary concerns of combining heterogeneous systems & data across an enterprise into effective business process is challenging task and again the data distribution & format adds more complexity. So every business needs a solutions which collect data from internal or external systems to automate business process. Microsoft BizTalk server application allows connecting diverse software and orchestrate business process efficiently. Additionally BizTalk provides information worker which monitors running process and interact with vendors/partners to perform business oriented tasks.

Plexoc offers biztalk application development and integration services to helps customer to orchestrate their process efficiently & integrating with systems Our expert BizTalk developers is having vast experience in analysing existing application and delivered enterprise level applications. We provide services to configure biztalk adapters, schema verification, validation & transformation, apply business policies using BRE and finally define varioud orchestration for individual process.


Our expert biztalk developers have delivered many biztalk solutions as mentioned below to our customers.

  • Create custom adapter and integration with other applications
  • Configure and create custom Ports (Send & Received)
  • Configure and create custom pipeline (Send & Received) component such as assembler & dissembler
  • Exception handling of biztalk applications
  • Customization, upgradation or migration of the application
  • Create, versioning and publishing rules using BRE (Business Rule Engine)
  • Automate business process using orchestration
  • SWIFT message processing
  • Integrate biztalk application to SQL Server, Oracle & cloud services.
  • Configuration & Administration of business activities
  • Heterogeneous system integration.


Plexoc provides BizTalk application development, maintenance and consulting services to our customer.

  • BizTalk Orchestration
  • Create Maps using functoids, inline c# etc.
  • Customizing pipeline(Assembler & Dissembler) components
  • Customizing biztalk adapter
  • Integration of SWIFT Message (MT564 and MT568)
  • Create, versioning and publish business rules using Business Rules Engine
  • Message tracking and troubleshooting
  • Configure and customize send and receive port.
  • Health Activity Tracking (HAT)
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)


Plexoc has experience in delivering business application with various domain some of them are mentioned below:

  • Message mapping and transformation through orchestration
  • Custom pipeline component to handle errors, customise conversion process etc.
  • Subscribing data with the help of adapters such as SOAP, WCF, FTP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, SQL, EDI, File Adapters
  • EDI application integration.
  • Error handling by developing custom pipeline
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