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Online Ticket Booking


Client Requirements

It should have subscribing facility for their customers so that they can push a proper notification mails about their events. Show their active events. Allow the client’s customers to search events with particular date, time and location of the customers.


Client is into the business of party planner. They wanted to have a website which allow them to attract more customers with following objectives: The challenge was to create a system will which allow new customers to get all the new upcoming events details.



ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio-2017, Jquery

Plexoc Solution

People can search for events according to their location Subscribing feature which ask user to give E-mail address of the person, so the proper updates are sent on that email address It will show the event calendar so the people could get to know about the upcoming events Contact details which help customers to get in touch to the client.


Client got the satisfactory output which fulfilled all the requirements and helped in the following way: Proper Customer relationship is maintained. Customers gets notified properly of the upcoming events and attractive deals offered by them. Getting good partnerships deals with the other event companies.